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About Me


I’m Stephen, a freelance web designer based in Belfast. I create modern, usable, high-end web apps using the latest web technologies. I build everything from scratch meaning all my websites are bespoke and focused around your business and your users. I have a keen background in HCI or Human-computer interaction that helps me get into the mindsets of users allowing me to build web apps they love.

I’ve gained fantastic experience working for a wide range of clients from startups to massive international companies. I work directly with all clients so that they get exactly what they want and using an agile project management approach allows me to deliver valuable, usable and quality software on time.

Technology is always changing and evolving so am I, to help keep up with this I always keep updated with the newest and latest industry trends. 

Whether you’re just looking for a simple portfolio website or something more advanced which utilizes the latest content management system, for instance, don’t hesitate to contact me 07500123170.